• Itamar Goldminz

    Itamar Goldminz

    I enjoy solving human puzzles

  • Jessica Striebich

    Jessica Striebich

    Service Design | Research | Strategy

  • Botond Palkó

    Botond Palkó

    Senior Product Designer at Cognizant Softvision. Carefully handcrafting experiences since we were called Web Designers.

  • Michael O'Hagan

    Michael O'Hagan

    Biz Dev/Executive Producer @Yardbarker, grad student @designmba, lover of all things Ⓥ and fresh noodles from Chinatown

  • Kat Lau Richards

    Kat Lau Richards

  • Alla Weinberg

    Alla Weinberg

    Leadership Coach | Culture Designer | Facilitator | Speaker | I shift cultures from fear to love

  • Catrina Jefferson

    Catrina Jefferson

    Marketing + Strategy at @_incorporate l @GalsThatGive Charity gal | @LeadershipDel 2016 Fellow | I love a good conversation. Let’s chat! #dogood

  • Kat Richards

    Kat Richards

    Exploring human experience and growth, currently Associate Director, Experience Strategy @ Digitas NA.

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