A Pocket Guide to Design Operations

1. What is DesignOps?

Design Operations practitioners understand that the experience of making is as important as making the experience.

2. Why is DesignOps important?

“UX Operations is one of the most strategic things we do, yet it’s invisible. It’s our secret sauce.” — Justin Maguire, Chief Design Officer, Salesforce

3. What are common DesignOps skills and superpowers?

4. What do you do exactly?

“We drive design quality, improve delivery and make people feel better. Our work looks like whatever the work is that needs to get done” — Dianne Que, Design Ops Leader @ Zendesk

Examples of the breadth of focus areas for Design Operations practitioners.

5. Who does DesignOps?

  1. DesignOps as a practice
  2. DesignOps as a role

6. What are the different DesignOps roles?

Design and DesignOps partnerships at three levels.

7. How does DesignOps fit within the org?

8. Where can I learn more?

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Rachel Posman

Rachel Posman

Senior Director of Design Operations @Salesforce